6 Ways to Save Time Preparing Meals for healthy diet weekly plan


Finding time for everything you want to do is usually difficult and can be a real headache when you try to fit everything in the order. This causes stress and may lead to serious condition or disorders.

One of the most important parts of everyone’s day is eating. Eating out indeed saves your time from preparing food and cooking yourself. There are many people who eat at fast food places or restaurants, but this does not necessary means it is all healthy; plus it can be costly in long-term.

Why not try to eat healthy and get to save some cash in return?

Luckily, there are some ways you can save time when preparing meals. You could actually spend as little time as possible in the kitchen and yet able to prepare healthy delicious meals. Find out good living tips to Save Time Preparing Meals, and soon creating a healthy diet weekly plan will be a breeze!


  • Planning Your Meals Beforehand Can Be a Good Way to Save Time

One of the best and simplest ways to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen is to plan your meals beforehand. You could do that by sticking a note on your fridge as a calendar of sorts or having a document on your computer or phone with every meal you plan to have that week or month. Certain places like iOS Store or Google App Store offer applications that can be used as your planner. They also sometimes have features like calorie count, which can ensure that you are being conscious of your macronutrient and calories intake such as ‘Fitness Pal’ apps.

After you have made your healthy diet weekly plan of meals, you should write your grocery shopping list. Knowing what and how much quantity of ingredients you need to buy, will help to save some money and resist buying junk food on impulse. This will not only be a great way to have a healthier life, but also something which will save you time as you only have to purchase groceries once. A good plan will save you time and money.


  • Prepare your vegetables all at once

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Vegetables are one of the most fundamental parts of any meal. Whether you are the healthy life fanatic and eat nothing but salad or use vegetables as snacks or side dishes, it is no doubt that you spend some time in the kitchen preparing them. Once you are able to find one day per week which is not filled with various task use it to prepare all the vegetables you are going to use.

The process is not difficult once you are in the rhythm and chopping or cutting can be a rather enjoyable activity. If it is really hard to prepared cut fresh vegetables ahead of time, the next best alternative would be frozen vegetables. You can easily find frozen broccoli, peas, corns, carrots at the frozen food section. Frozen is better than canned due to less preservatives and salt used.

The fact that you will do everything in one day leaves you with more free time for the rest of the week. Also, the preparing of meals is much easier when at least some part of the dish is already prepared. Vegetables are a needed for a nutritious meal.


  • Begin Your Mornings with a Pre-made Food.

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Many people claim that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. They are probably right. Unfortunately, though, not everyone has time to get up and prepare everything before going to work. Some people manage to grab a cup of coffee and be on their way to work without eating anything. This is a bad practice as this usually means stopping at a junk food store and grabbing something to eat before coming to work. That is why it is recommended to have something prepared in the evening prior. There are plenty of different kinds of food that can be prepared beforehand. Try some overnight oats, pre-mashed hard boiled eggs for sandwich filling.


  • Make Extra Food and Store It

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If you have some time to spare use it wisely. When making a meal it is usually no problem to increase the number of meals. For example, if you are making a lasagna, adding extra ingredients to increase quantity is a good idea. You will be able to put extra in the fridge for later use. The same can be said about plenty of other meals. Generally food is still safe to eat up to 2 nights in the fridge, while up to couple weeks when frozen. For example, you could make some veggie patties and store it in the freezer, simply pop it in the oven or pan-fry for a lovely veggie patty burger for dinner. Check out LifeStyletic Silicone Patty Press Maker (Sets of 2)%name 6 Ways to Save Time Preparing Meals for healthy diet weekly plan. You can also use it to keep soft liquid such as pasta sauce and stews in the freezer. It’s acts as a good food portion control too. It doesn’t stick, so you can just dump one portion of frozen stew into the microwave for a quick lunch.

  • Prepare Your Meals on Weekends

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Preparing meals on the weekend is a good way to ensure you have more time every other day of the week. This is not only a great advice to save time but it also reduces the amount of stress if you do not have enough time to head to the store during your lunch break.


  • Make Meals That Are Quicker to Make

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The final and probably the most obvious tip is to make meals that do not take a long time. Try various recipes which require little time to make.

Salads and sandwiches are indeed fast to make. If you want more variety, it will be good to be more creative with the oven. It takes 20-30mins to bake fish, chicken in the oven, you only need to splatter some spices (salt, pepper, lemon slices) on it and before baking it in the oven. If you line the baking tray with aluminum foil, you don’t even need to clean up after! If you want to be cost-effective and eco-friendly, consider this LifeStyletic Silicone Cooking Baking Mat (2 pcs)%name 6 Ways to Save Time Preparing Meals for healthy diet weekly plan too.


  • Shop for fancy and cute cooking utensils, containers and accessories

Might seem like a bad idea to spend more money. However, sometimes we all need a little motivation. Just like wearing a cute new workout outfit motivates me to ‘show-off’ my new workout attire in the gym. Same can be applied to food preparation too. It makes one tempted to put those useful and fancy accessories in good use. Like this mosaic arty food containers to store some healthy homemade protein bars for snacking in the office. Of course, spend in moderation!


There are plenty of other ways you can save extra time and money when preparing meals. Even though the alternative to eat out is there, it is better if you know what that you are consuming healthy food.

It is much better to prepare as many meals yourself as no amount of time is more important than maintaining a healthier life. It is pointless  to have all the time or money; but an unhealthy body with an illness.

Getting experience in food cooking is a great way to improve your overall quality of life and with the number of recipes you can find it should be a hobby, not a chore. Get creative trying differrent recipes to create your healthy diet weekly plan.


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